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Our Doctors:

  • Narender REDDY Cheemerla DVM

    1985 DVM graduate, worked as a large animal veterinarian for 15 years and since the year 2000, has been working with dogs and cats. Dr. Reddy's areas of interest are medicine, surgery and client communication.

  • Krupavathi Mukkara DVM

    Graduate of 2005 class and also an environmental engineer by training. Dr. Krupa's areas of interest are Ultrasound diagnostics, medicine and surgery.

Our Staff:

  • Yadira Cazares
    Practice Manager

    Yadira has been part of our staff for 7 years. 

    You can see her helping both clients and

    staff members. She enjoys spending her free time 

    with her two boys and her cats Bell & Chloe and bearded dragon Charmander.

  • Jennifer Perez
    Inventory Manager, CVA

    Jennifer joined our team in 2015. 

    She enjoys spending her free time 

    with her family and her dachshunds. 

    You can see her always smiling and

     helping the techs around our clinic or

     filling in for receptionists. 

  • Yanely Ramos
    Assistant Inventory Manager, CVA

    Yanely joined our APC team in 2015. 

    She enjoys spending time with her three 

    Dachshunds and taking care of them. 

  • Maritza Cantu
    Training & Development Supervisor, CVA

    Maritza has been one of our team 

    members since 2008. She enjoys 

    training and helping as part of our 

    surgical staff. On her days off she 

    enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Ximena Bolanos
    Client Service Representative

    Ximena has been with the APC team since 2012. 

    While here you can see her helping others and

     happily assisting clients. She likes spending her

     free time with her family and chihuahua Valentina. 

  • Leslie Estrada
    Kennel Assistant

    Leslie started with us in 2014, 

    she is always full of energy and

     ready to help.

  • Norma Carrizales
    Vet Assistant, Surgical Assistant

    Norma joined us in the beginning 

    of 2018 and is pursuing her degree 

    as a Veterinary Technician.

  • Tiffany Segundo
    Vet Assistant, Surgical Assistant

    Looking for a career that expressed her

    love of animals, Tiffany joined us in the

    beginning of 2018 and quickly adapted 

    to the fast pace. She likes helping and 

    educating clients as well as spending 

    time with her son and Australian Shepherd Romeo.

  • Yulyann Gonzalez
    Certified Vet Assistant

    Yuly has been with the APC family for 

    5 years now. She loves spending free 

    time with her family and her rescued Bull Terrier Chico.

  • Cecilia Castillo
    Vet Assistant

    Cecilia joined APC in April of 2017 

    and exceeded all expectations. 

    She is now an important part of our team

    and is always seen with a smile on her face.

  • Monica Aguilar
    Vet Assistant

    Monica has been on the team since 

    September of 2017. She loves 

    interacting with the many pets that come 

    through the clinic and always treats them 

    as if they were her own.

  • Mayara Rodriguez
    Vet Assistant

    Mayara is one of our newest team members. 

    She quickly caught on to the pace and has 

    brought with years of client experience and 

    is dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

  • Dianhya Obonaga
    Vet Assistant

    Dianhya joined this Spring as one of the 

    new additions to our team. She is eager to

     begin her career in the veterinary field and 

    is excited to learn new techniques. 

  • Laura Aleman
    Vet Assistant

    Laura joined our team earlier this year.

    She is always helpful and carries a smile

    on her face. She enjoys working with all 

    the pets that come in and loves educating her

    clients on how to care for them properly.

  • Miranda Longoria
    Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Miranda joined our team in February after 

    completing the Veterinary Assistant program at PIMA.

    Her favorite part about working for APC is the variety of 

    cases she gets to see everyday. 

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